Gold Shield Necklace Collection

Gold shield necklaces are a modern trend with roots in history. For thousands of years, shields provided real protection and symbolized strength and security. Once tied to nobility and heraldry, for modern wearers, gold shield pendants are an expression of individual identity and style.


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Gold Shield Necklace - Shield Mix Metal Lariat



For customizing and for giving

Shields in Victorian times were often worn for family identity, to commemorate an event, or to honor an achievement. Today, they are perfect for marking a graduation, anniversary, or birthday—or just celebrating a person or relationship. You can customize colors and stones, and personalize with engraving.


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Inspiration and creative process

My gold shield necklace collection started when I was researching period costumes. From medieval talisman to Victorian  memento, decorative shields tell a fascinating story. In the Middle Ages, people thought these talismans really could protect the wearer. Today, the symbolic meaning of safeguarding has resonance. From their roots in heraldry, today they speak to individual identity with meaning that can be passed down to loved ones.


Gold shield pendants are made for layering

  • Try different sizes, shapes, and colors of gold shield pendants together.
  • Vary the length and links in your chains.
  • A gold shield necklace with several pendants adds drama.
  • Showcase a beloved pendant by pairing it with a gold shield.
  • Beads and pearls and chains and shields—wear them together.

Layered Gold Shield Necklaces

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