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Amy Glaswand

As a visual artist, I always strive to create pieces that are visually exciting. Having been trained in the fine arts, followed by careers in both textile and costume design for the film industry, I have been called on to creatively interpret design elements through my particular vision. Jewelry design is a medium which enables me to design collections for those who love jewelry and want a unique experience.

My eponymous collection is a fusion of all these design challenges. I am visually influenced by classical ornamentation, architecture and iconic imagery. Each element that inspires me is the beginning of a journey from which I develop sketches before moving on to the development of models. My Arch collection, for example, evolved from many sketches based on Gothic architecture.

Each piece is made in NYC, rendered in precious metals with custom cut stones. This is jewelry that speaks to one’s individual style in a modern, clean way.

Unique in vision… Modern jewels for a unique woman.

What Clients Say ?

"Amy Glaswand - Best Bespoke Jewellery Designer 2018."
LUX Life Magazine
Fashion & Lifestyle Awards

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